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Rhondda Cynon Taff

    Disability living allowance 1650-1w

Right of search

Right to buy scheme

    Stamp duties 18w

Rights of way

Risk management


River Jubilee

River Thames

Rivers Agency

Road signs and markings

Road traffic control

Road traffic offences

Road works


Robathan, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Children Bill (HL), Programme motion, Rep and 3R (02.11.04) 240, 251, 253-5

    Hunting Bill, Money res and Lords amendts (16.11.04) 1265


    Dept of Finance and Administration 1700w

    Dept of the Serjeant at Arms 1701w

    HMCS Chicoutimi 216w

    Motorways, Noise 718w

    Pension Protection Fund, Orphan funds 555-6

    Sudan, Human rights 696-7

Robertson, Angus

                  Chamber Debates

    Defence, Procurement (04.11.04) 468-9

    Iraq (04.11.04) 539


    Armed forces, Children 727w

    Eastern Europe, EC external trade 74w

    EC action, Dept for Education and Skills 164w, 758w

    EC action, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1785-6w

    Horn of Africa, Droughts 558w

    Land, Ministry of Defence 1840w

    Malaysia, Illegal immigrants 1791w

    Sudan, Peace keeping operations 1070w

Robertson, Hugh

                  Chamber Debates

    European Council, Brussels Summit (EC) (08.11.04) 585

    Racial discrimination, Points of order (18.11.04) 1470


    Horse racing, Judgements 1801w

    Jobcentres, Faversham 565-6

    Olympic Games, Greater London 10

    Sports, National Lottery 842w

    Sports, Northern Ireland 661w

    Sports competitors, Republic of Ireland 379w, 965-6w

Robertson, John


    Animal experiments, Scotland 1606-7w

    Armed forces, USA 844w

    Companies, Annual reports 836-7w

    Pharmacy, Counterfeit manufacturing 1305w

    Romania, EC enlargement 866w

    Television, Sight impaired 1808w

    USA, Trade barriers 1949w

Robertson, Mr Laurence


    Learning and Skills Council for England, Finance 371w

    Learning and Skills Council for Gloucestershire 371w

    Pension credit, War pensions 125-6w

    Postal services, Sight impaired 1945w

Robinson, Mrs Iris

                  Chamber Debates

    Health (16.11.04) 1173


    Allergies, Northern Ireland 1747w

    Ambulance services, Northern Ireland 1356w

    Arthritis, Northern Ireland 780w

    Autism, Northern Ireland 780-1w

    Back pain, Northern Ireland 781w

    Cancer, Northern Ireland 1358w

    Children, Medical treatments 335w

    Children, Migration 31-3w

    Children, Protection 1358w

    Children's Fund, Northern Ireland 1751w

    Colorectal cancer, Northern Ireland 1749w

    Community care, Northern Ireland 1358-9w

    Consultants, Northern Ireland Office 1636w

    Cricket, Northern Ireland 672-3w

    Crime, Northern Ireland 922-3w

    Dental services, Northern Ireland 783w

    Doctors, Northern Ireland 783w

    Doctors, Training 538w

    Domestic rates, Northern Ireland 1363w

    Ferries, Northern Ireland 524-5w

    Fertility, Northern Ireland 1758-9w

    Fire services, Northern Ireland 1365w

    Fishing vessels, Northern Ireland 923-4w

    Foetal alcohol syndrome, Northern Ireland 786w

    Fruit, Northern Ireland 1366w

    General practitioners 1380w

    General practitioners, Northern Ireland 786w, 1366w

    Genito-urinary medicine, Northern Ireland 1044w

    Glycogen storage disease, Northern Ireland 786w

    Health centres, Northern Ireland 1779w

    Health professions, Working hours 1780w

    Hospital beds, Northern Ireland 235-6w

    In vitro fertilisation, Northern Ireland 1364-5w

    Intimidation, Northern Ireland 663w

    Laurelhill Community College 673w

    Learning disability, Dementia 330-1w

    Learning disability, Northern Ireland 330w

    Macular degeneration, Northern Ireland 779w

    Medical records, Northern Ireland 240w

    Medicine, Education 337w

    Mental health services, Northern Ireland 797w

    Nappies, Waste disposal 1003w

    Neurology, Northern Ireland 1369w

    Northern Ireland Civic Forum 234w

    Northern Ireland education and library boards, Disciplinary proceedings 411w

    Northern Ireland Executive Dept of Health Social Services and Public Safety, Expenditure 1756-7w

    Northern Ireland Memorial Fund 241w

    Nurses, Northern Ireland 1757w

    Organs, Post-mortems 337w

    Overseas visitors, EC nationals 1425-6w

    Pain, Lost working days 952w

    Pain, Medical treatments 781-2w

    Passive smoking, Northern Ireland 1773w

    Planning, Northern Ireland 526w

    Planning Service, Manpower 799w

    Post-mortems, Northern Ireland 230w

    Pre-school education, Northern Ireland 675w

    Psychiatry, Northern Ireland 800w

    Queen's University Belfast, Medicine 1767w

    Radiography, Northern Ireland 781-2w

    Sexual offences, Young people 244w

    Smoking, Northern Ireland 800w

    Social security benefits, Disabled 414w

    Special educational needs, Northern Ireland 1044-5w

    Special educational needs, Nurses 1777w

    Tomography, Northern Ireland 797w

    Trials, Northern Ireland 337-8w

    Walls and fences, Strangford 1766w

    Waste disposal, Nappies 238w

Robinson, Mr Peter D


    Breast cancer, Northern Ireland 328w

    Cancer, Screening 335w

Roe, Dame Marion

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Dental services 156

    Dept of the Clerk of the House 1281w

    House of Commons, Stationery 1517w

    Local government, Voting rights 845-6w

    Parliamentary Security Coordinator 449w

Rolling stock

    Southern region 8-9w



    Antisocial behaviour 742w

Rooney, Mr Terry

                  Chamber Debates

    Housing Bill, Lords amendts (17.11.04) 1423

    Pensions Bill, Lords amendts (17.11.04) 1431

Rosindell, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Mental health services, Petitions (11.11.04) 997-8


    Armed forces, Deployment 90w

    Armed forces, Procurement 1811w

    Asylum, Detainees 47w

    Belarus, Overseas trade 1334w

    Cabinet committees, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 1237w

    Carbon dioxide, Air pollution 820w

    Cayman Islands, Drugs 71-2w

    Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice for Northern Ireland 1755w

    Counterfeit manufacturing, Northern Ireland 795-6w

    Demonstrations, Northern Ireland 800w

    Departmental coordination, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 620w

    Departmental reorganisation, Cabinet Office 621w

    Drugs, Northern Ireland 667-8w

    Government departments, Procurement 858w

    Illegal immigrants, Channel tunnel 48w

    Illegal immigrants, France 889w

    Immigrants, Convictions 1092w

    Immigration officers, Pay 52w

    Immigration officers, Recruitment 1434w

    Information technology, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 1547-8w

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 217w

    Landfill, Regulation 821w

    Naturalisation, Anguilla 2044w

    Official engagements, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 620-1w

    Official visits, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 620w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 37w

    Organised Crime Task Force, Northern Ireland 799w

    Personal pensions 470w

    Personal savings 956w

    Playing fields, Romford 962-3w

    Probation Board for Northern Ireland 676-7w

    Public appointments, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 859w, 861w

    Public expenditure, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 620w

    Public relations, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 1277-8w

    Public relations, Scotland Office 1744w

    Public sector, Standards 528-9w

    Railway stations, Repairs and maintenance 1858-9w

    Royal family, Official residences 278w

    St David's Day, USA 1278w

    School leaving, Northern Ireland 1046w

    Victim support schemes, Northern Ireland 1767w

    Weapons, Northern Ireland 782-3w

Ross, Mr Ernie


    Middle East, Peace negotiations 694

Roy, Mr Frank


Royal Berkshire Hospital

Royal family

    Official residences 278w

Royal Gloucestershire Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment

    Petitions (16.11.04) 1326

Royal Irish Regiment

Royal Mail

    Government shareholding 839w

Royal United Hospital Bath

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