Select Committee on Constitutional Affairs Written Evidence

Evidence submitted by the Corporation of London

  Thank you for notifying us of this inquiry. The Corporation of London has taken a great interest in the reform of the Office of Lord Chancellor. There are a number of potential constitutional implications for the City, not least in the admission of the Lord Mayor, which are the subject of continued discussion between the Corporation and the Department for Constitutional Affairs.

  It would appear, however, from the terms of reference that this inquiry does not directly involve the Corporation. The issue of ecclesiastical patronage has been examined. Under provisions in the City of London (Guild Churches) Act 1952 and a reorganisation scheme of 1953 the City's patronages were rationalised. The City Corporation is now the sole patron of the churches in which it has an interest.

  It is not, therefore, proposed that a formal submission be made to the Committee. Nevertheless, the Corporation remains interested in the constitutional developments surrounding the Government's proposals and would welcome being kept informed of any of the Committee's future work on the reforms which may affect the City

P R E Double


9 January 2004

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Prepared 19 March 2004