Select Committee on Defence Third Report


16 AAB16 Air Assault Brigade
AFFArmy Families' Federation
ANGLICOAir Naval Gunfire Liaison Company, United States Marine Corps
AS90Self-propelled gun, Royal Artillery
BATUSBritish Army Training Unit Suffield (Canada)
BBCBritish Broadcasting Corporation
BMABritish Medical Association
CAMChemical Agent Monitor
CAOCCombined Air Operations Centre
C4ICommand, control, communications, computers and intelligence
CDLChief of Defence Logistics
CDSChief of Defence Staff
CEACaptured Enemy Ammunition
CentcomCentral Command (US)
CFLCCCoalition Force Land Component Commander
CISCommand and Information Systems
CJOChief of Joint Operations
CPACoalition Provisional Authority
DfIDDepartment for International Development
DISDefence Intelligence Staff
DLODefence Logistics Organisation
DMSDefence Medical Services
DoDDepartment of Defense (US)
DTIODirectorate of Targeting and Information Operations
DTMADefence Transport and Movements Agency
EODExplosive Ordnance Disposal
FCOForeign and Commonwealth Office
FRESFuture Rapid Effects System
FTRSFull Time Reserve Service
FTUForward Transmission Unit
HRWHuman Rights Watch
IAEAInternational Atomic Energy Agency
ICRCInternational Committee of the Red Cross
IFFIdentification Friend or Foe
Info OpsInformation Operations
ISOInternational Organisation for Standardisation
ITCIndependent Television Commission
ITNIndependent Television News
JDAMsJoint Direct Attack Munitions
JRRFJoint Rapid Reaction Force
KI-CASKill-box interdiction - close air support
LCVPLanding Craft Vehicle Personnel
LPDLanding Platform Dock
LPHLanding Platform Helicopter
MAWMarine Air Wing (United States Marine Corps)
MEFMarine Expeditionary Force (United States Marine Corps)
MEUMarine Expeditionary Unit (United States Marine Corps)
MOABMassive Ordnance Airburst Bomb (US)
MoDMinistry of Defence
NAIADNerve Agent Immobilised-enzyme Alarm and Detector
NAONational Audit Office
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NBCNuclear, Biological and Chemical
NECNetwork Enabled Capability
NGONon-Governmental Organisation
NHSNational Health Service
NIATNational Infrastructure Assessment Team
NSWNaval Special Warfare (US)
NUMASTNational Union of Marine Aviation and Shipping Transport officers
ORHAOffice of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance (US)
OSMDSOne-Shot Mine Disposal System
OWPOperational Welfare Package
PGMPrecision guided munitions
PJHQPermanent Joint Headquarters
PoWPrisoner of War
PsyOpsPsychological Operations
QIPQuick Impact Project
RABResource Accounting and Budgeting
RAFRoyal Air Force
REMERoyal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
RFARoyal Fleet Auxiliary
RoERules of Engagement
ro-rosRoll-on roll-off ferries
RNRoyal Navy
RUSIRoyal United Services Institute
SA80 A2Individual weapon, British Army
SEALSSea Air Land Teams (US Navy)
SDRStrategic Defence Review
SWIMSShallow Water Influence Mine-Sweeping System
TATerritorial Army
TAVTotal Asset Visibility
TLAMTomahawk land attack missile
TSATarget Systems Analysis
UAEUnited Arab Emirates
UAVUnmanned Air Vehicle
UORUrgent Operational Requirement
UNUnited Nations
UNMACTUnited Nations Mine Action Clearance Team
UNMOVIC   United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission
UNSCRUnited Nations Security Council Resolution
USAFUnited States Air Force
USMCUnited States Marine Corps
UXOUnexploded ordnance
WMDWeapons of Mass Destruction

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© Parliamentary copyright 2004
Prepared 16 March 2004