Select Committee on Defence Sixth Report

Annex: List of Abbreviations

CVR(T)    Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked)

DIP      Defence Industrial Policy

DPA      Defence Procurement Agency

DTI      Department of Trade and Industry

FRES      Future Rapid Effect System

HMG      Her Majesty's Government

IDIQ      Indefinite Deliverable, Indefinite Quantity

ISTAR  Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance

ITAR      International Traffic in Arms Regulations

JSF      Joint Strike Fighter

MASC      Maritime Airborne Surveillance and Control

MoD      Ministry of Defence

MRAV      Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle

NAO      National Audit Office

NDIC      National Defence Industries Council

PFI      Private Finance Initiative

RAF      Royal Air Force

RN      Royal Navy

R&T      Research and Technology

SDD      System Development and Demonstration

STOVL    Short Take Off and Vertical Landing

UAV      Unmanned Air Vehicle

UK      United Kingdom

US      United States

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Prepared 28 July 2004