Select Committee on Defence Sixth Report

List of written evidence

Volume II

The Defence Procurement Agency   Ev 65

  A Stocktake of Smart Acquisition in the DPA   Ev 66

Ministry of Defence   

  Defence Industrial Policy  Ev 77

  Developments in Smart Acquisition  Ev 77

  Defence Procurement  Ev 80

    A400M  Ev 80

    Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile (ASRAAM)  Ev 82

    Light Forces Anti-Tank Guided Weapon System (LF ATGWS)  Ev 83

    WAH 64 Attack Helicopter  Ev 85

    Type 45 Anti-Air Warfare Destroyer and PAMMS  Ev 86

    Meteor  Ev 89

    Astute  Ev 91

    Nimrod Maritime Reconnaissance and Attack Aircraft MK4  Ev 92

    Bowman  Ev 94

    Typhoon  Ev 95

    Watchkeeper   Ev 98

    Future Joint Combat Aircraft (FJCA)  Ev 99

    Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft  Ev 102

    Future Rapid Effect System (FRES)  Ev 103

    Future Carriers (CVF)  Ev 105

Defence Engineering Group   Ev 108

Defence Industries Council  Ev 111

Intellect   Ev 115

QinetiQ Group plc  Ev 118

Northern Defence Industries Ltd   Ev 120

VT Group  Ev 122

Humphry Crum Ewing  Ev 123

Tony Purton  Ev 128

Defence Manufacturers Association (DMA)  Ev 129


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Prepared 28 July 2004