Select Committee on Defence Sixth Report

Reports from the Defence Committee since 2001

Session 2003-04
First ReportArmed Forces Pensions and Compensation HC 96-I & II (Cm 6109)
Second ReportAnnual Report for 2003 HC 293
Third ReportLessons of Iraq HC 57-I, II & III (HC 635)
Fourth ReportStrategic Export Controls: Annual Report for 2002, Licensing Policy and Parliamentary Scrutiny HC 390
Fifth ReportThe Defence White Paper 2003 HC465-I & II

Session 2002-03
First ReportMissile Defence HC 290 (HC 411)
Second ReportAnnual Report for 2002 HC 378
Third ReportArms Control and Disarmament (Inspections) Bill HC 321 (HC 754)
Fourth ReportThe Government's Proposals for Secondary Legislation under the Export Control Act HC 620 (Cm 5988)
Fifth ReportStrategic Export Controls: Annual Report for 2001, Licensing Policy and Parliamentary Scrutiny HC 474 (Cm 5943)
Sixth ReportA New Chapter to the Strategic Defence Review HC 93-I & II (HC 975)
Seventh ReportDraft Civil Contingencies Bill HC 557 (Cm 6078)
Eighth ReportDefence Procurement HC 694 (HC 1194)

Session 2001-02
First ReportMinistry of Defence Police: Changes in jurisdiction proposed under the Anti-terrorism Crime and Security Bill 2001 HC 382 (HC 621)
Second ReportThe Threat from Terrorism HC 348 (HC 667)
Third ReportThe Ministry of Defence Reviews of Armed Forces' Pension and Compensation Arrangements HC 666 (HC 115)
Fourth ReportMajor Procurement Projects HC 779 (HC 1229)
Fifth ReportThe Government's Annual Report on Strategic Export Controls for 2000, Licensing Policy and Prior Parliamentary Scrutiny (Joint with Foreign Affairs Committee, International Development Committee and Trade and Industry Committee) HC 718 (Cm 5629)
Sixth ReportDefence and Security in the UK HC 518 (HC 1230)
Seventh ReportThe Future of NATO HC 914 (HC 1231)

Government Responses to Defence Committee reports are published as Special Reports from the Committee (or as Command papers). They are listed here in brackets by the HC (or Cm) No. after the report they relate to.

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