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Defence - First Report

Here you can browse the report together with the Proceedings of the Committee. The published report was ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 10 December 2003.


Terms of Reference



1 Introduction

Background to the inquiry

Lack of progress

2 Cost basis for schemes

Cost neutrality

Interpretation: mortality assumptions

Interpretation: change in the preserved pension age

3 Differences from consultation proposals

Welcome improvements

Dependants' benefits

Unmarried partners' benefits

How these improvements will be funded

Early Departure Scheme

Treatment of officers and other ranks

Compensation proposals

Standard and burden of proof

Focus on the severely disabled

Tariff bands for compensation payments

Methodology for assessing awards

4 Transition

Communications with personnel

Shortcomings needing to be addressed

Choice for serving personnel on pensions

No choice for serving personnel on compensation

Preserved pension age: a change for existing personnel?

Timescale to implementation

5 Legislation

Primary and secondary legislation: an enabling bill?

Parliamentary oversight of secondary legislation

Future amendments and replacement schemes

Super-affirmative procedure: legislating for consultation and scrutiny

Preparation for the passage of a bill

6 Legacy issues

Treatment of former personnel and their dependants

Possible remedies

Future 'legacy' issues?

Compensating personnel whose pensions were improperly taxed

7 Conclusion

A special case

Opportunity to work

A few winners, but many losers

Parliament's role

Conclusions and recommendations


Formal minutes


List of written evidence

List of unprinted written evidence

Reports from the Defence Committee since 2001


Wednesday 5 November 2003


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