Select Committee on Environmental Audit Seventh Report

Past reports from the Environmental Audit Committee since 1997

2003-04 Session

First    Annual Report 2003, HC 214

Second    GM Foods - Evaluating the Farm Scale Trials, HC 90

Third    Pre-Budget Report 2003: Aviation follow-up, HC 233

Fourth  Water: The Periodic Review 2004 and the Environmental Programme, HC 416

Fifth    GM Foods - Evaluating the Farm Scale Trials: the Government

Response, HC 564

Sixth    Environmental Crime and the Courts, HC 126

2002-03 Session

First    Pesticides: The Voluntary Initiative, HC100 (Reply, HC 443)

Second  Johannesburg and Back: The World Summit on Sustainable Development-Committee delegation report on proceedings, HC 169

Third    Annual Report, HC 262

Fourth    Pre-Budget 2002, HC 167 (Reply, HC 688)

Fifth    Waste - An Audit, HC 99 (Reply, HC 1081)

Sixth  Buying Time for Forests: Timber Trade and Public Procurement -The Government Response, HC 909

Seventh  Export Credits Guarantee Department and Sustainable Development, HC 689 (Reply, HC 1238)

Eighth    Energy White Paper - Empowering Change?, HC 618

Ninth    Budget 2003 and Aviation, HC 672 (Reply, Cm 6063)

Tenth    Learning the Sustainability Lesson, HC 472 (Reply, HC 1221)

Eleventh  Sustainable Development Headline Indicators, HC 1080 (Reply, HC 320)

Twelfth  World Summit for Sustainable Development - From rhetoric to reality, HC 98 (Reply, HC 232)

Thirteenth  Greening Government 2003, HC 961

2001-02 Session

First    Departmental Responsibilities for Sustainable Development, HC 326

(Reply, Cm 5519)

Second    Pre-Budget Report 2001: A New Agenda?, HC 363 (HC 1000)

Third  UK Preparations for the World Summit on Sustainable Development, HC 616 (Reply, Cm 5558)

Fourth  Measuring the Quality of Life: The Sustainable Development Headline Indicators, HC 824 (Reply, Cm 5650)

Fifth    A Sustainable Energy Strategy? Renewables and the PIU Review, HC 582

(Reply, HC 471)

Sixth    Buying Time for Forests: Timber Trade and Public Procurement, HC 792-I ,

(Reply, HC 909, Session 2002-03)

2000-01 Session

First    Environmental Audit: the first Parliament, HC 67 (Reply, Cm 5098)

Second  The Pre-Budget Report 2000: fuelling the debate, HC 71 (Reply HC 216, Session 2001-02)

1999-2000 Session

First    EU Policy and the Environment: An Agenda for the Helsinki Summit, HC 44

(Reply, HC 68)

Second    World Trade and Sustainable Development: An Agenda for the Seattle

Summit, HC 45 (Including the Government response to the First Report

1998-99: Multilateral Agreement on Investment, HC 58) (Reply, HC 69)

Third    Comprehensive Spending Review: Government response and follow-up,

HC 233 (Reply, HC 70, Session 2000-01)

Fourth    The Pre-Budget Report 1999: pesticides, aggregates and the Climate

Change Levy, HC 76

Fifth    The Greening Government Initiative: first annual report from the Green

Ministers Committee 1998/99, HC 341

Sixth    Budget 2000 and the Environment etc., HC 404

Seventh    Water Prices and the Environment, HC 597 (Reply, HC 290, Session 2000-01)

1998-99 Session

First  The Multilateral Agreement on Investment, HC 58 (Reply, HC 45, Session 1999-2000)

Second    Climate Change: Government response and follow-up, HC 88

Third    The Comprehensive Spending Review and Public Service Agreements,

HC 92 (Reply, HC 233, Session 1999-2000)

Fourth    The Pre-Budget Report 1998, HC 93

Fifth    GMOs and the Environment: Coordination of Government Policy, HC 384

    (Reply Cm 4528)

Sixth    The Greening Government Initiative 1999, HC 426

Seventh    Energy Efficiency, HC 159 (Reply, HC 571, Session 2000-01)

Eighth    The Budget 1999: Environmental Implications, HC 326

1997-98 Session

First    The Pre-Budget Report, HC 547 (Reply, HC 985)

Second    The Greening Government Initiative, HC 517 (Reply, HC 426, Session 1998-99)

Third    The Pre-Budget Report: Government response and follow-up, HC 985

Fourth  Climate Change: UK Emission Reduction Targets and Audit Arrangements, HC 899 (Reply, HC 88, Session 1998-99)

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