Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Written Evidence

Memorandum submitted by Wharram and Kay (O29)


  Significant alterations in the existing Regime will result in the elimination of reinvestment in the industry putting at risk 20,000 jobs and the eventual closure of sugar production in the UK.

  1.  Wharram and Kay is a family partnership in the Vale of York with a major investment in sugar beet production (approx £400k). We drill, fertilise, spray and harvest approximately 1,700 acres for growers from Goole to Thirsk. In 1993 we were BSC's York Factory "Grower of the Year". Agronomy advice by a partner who is BASIS and FACTS qualified is also available to customers.

  2.  All our equipment is "state of the art", less than one to two years old following heavy reinvestment.

  3.  Reductions in the existing quota levels and price structure will benefit no-one, least of all the EBA initiative countries and will result in lower contract rates which will preclude reinvestment in machinery and production facilities. This will result in the eventual meltdown of the industry and the loss of 20,000 jobs.

  4.  The existing regime is stable and cost effective. If it isn't broken—don't fix it!

26 March 2004

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Prepared 12 July 2004