Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Fifth Report

Annex A

List of abbreviations

ACTSA  Action for Southern Africa

AIDS  Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

AIPPA  Access to Information and Privacy of Information Act

AMIB  African Mission in Burundi

ANC  African National Congress

APRM  African Peer Review Mechanism

AU  African Union

BBC WS  BBC World Service

BEE  Black Economic Empowerment

BMAT   British Military Assistance Team

CAP  Common Agricultural Policy

CHOGM  Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

COSATU  Congress of South African Trade Unions

DDA   Doha Development Agenda

DfID  Department for International Development

DRC  Democratic Republic of Congo

ECOWAS  Economic Community of West African States

ESAAMLG  Eastern and Southern Africa Anti-Money Laundering Group

EU  European Union

FATF  Financial Action Task Force

FCO  Foreign and Commonwealth Office

FDI  Foreign Direct Investment

G8  Group of Eight

G77  Group of Seventy-Seven

GBU  Governing National Unity

GDP  Gross Domestic Product

HDI  Human Development Index

HIV  Human Immunodeficiency Virus

IFIs  International Financial Institutions

IMF  International Monetary Fund

LGIB  Local Government International Bureau (UK)

MAP  Millennium African Renaissance Programme

MDC  Movement for Democratic Change

MEPP  Middle East Peace Process

NAI  New African Initiative

NAM  Non-Aligned Movement

NEDLAC  National Economic Development and Labour Council

NePAD  New Partnership for African Development

NGOs  Non-Governmental Organisations

OAU  Organisation of African Unity

OECD  Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

PAC  Pan African Congress

PAGAD  People Against Gangsterism and Drugs

PRSP  Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers

PSC  Peace and Security Council

RDP  Reconstruction and Development Program

RSA  Republic of South Africa

SA  South Africa/n

SACP  South African Communist Party

SADC  South African Development Community

SALGA  South African Local Government Association

SANDF  South African National Defence Force

SARPCCO  Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Co-operation   Organisation

TAC  Treatment Action Campaign

TDCA  Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement

UK  United Kingdom

UKUZA  United Kingdom Unites with South Africa

UN  United Nations

UNCHR  United Nations Commission on Human Rights

UNCTAD  United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

UNITA  União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola)

US  United States

WCAR  Word Conference Against Racism

WSSD  World Summit on Sustainable Development

WTO  World Trade Organisation

ZANU-PF  Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front

ZCTU  Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions

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Prepared 18 May 2004