Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Fifth Report


Tuesday 9 December 2003  Page
Professor James Barber, University of Cambridge Ev 7
Professor David Simon, University of London Ev 7
Mr Jesmond Blumenfeld, Brunel University Ev 34
Mr Alastair Fraser, Policy Officer, Action for Southern Africa Ev 34

Tuesday 27 January 2004
Mr Richard Dowden, Director, Royal African Society (RAS) Ev 51
Dr Steve Kibble, Africa Advocacy Officer, Catholic Institute for International Relations (CIIR) Ev 51
Mr Christopher Paterson, Executive Director, Macmillan Publishers Ltd Ev 60
Mr Ashley Roe, Business Development Director, Severn Trent Water International Ltd Ev 60

Tuesday 2 March 2004
Mr Chris Mullin, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office Ev 82
Mr Andrew Lloyd, Head of African Department Southern, Foreign and Commonwealth Office Ev 82
Mr Andy Sparkes, former UK Deputy High Commissioner, South Africa, Foreign and Commonwealth Office Ev 82

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Prepared 18 May 2004