Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Written evidence submitted by Adriana Stuijt


    In regard to the testimony submitted by Prof James Barber and Professor David Simon, 9 December 2004 in Public Questions 1-83: (New evidence submitted herewith)


    Video evidence: on unusually cruel nature of the farm attacks against owners of farm land;

  I am submitting this video of a 2003 broadcast on the South African Broadcaster "Carte Blanche" programme; the contents of which were clearly unknown to Prof. Simon and Prof. Barber. This documentary by the award-winning documentary producer Susan Puren shows clearly that these farm attacks are not motivated by greed—frequently valuable articles such as jewellery are left behind on the scenes of these crimes. Their information that mostly "white" Afrikaner farmers were targeted also is highly inaccurate; many black owners of farm land also are murdered, often with their entire families, over land disputes mostly.

  Our website,, has collected a large body of evidence in this regard over the past three years, submitted by journalists inside South Africa. The South African police has also published a new report on their website,, from the "independent commission of inquiry into the farm attacks" appointed by Pres. Mbeki. This information also seemed unavailable to your expert witnesses, even though it is freely available on the internet. Moreover, a complete list of names of farm attack murder victims, provided by the SA Police, is updated regularly on the following website; also run by unpaid volunteers in South Africa:

    and also

  Thus far, 1,591 farm dwellers have been killed in such armed attacks, people of all racial backgrounds who are being targeted by organised groups of young African men who often steal nothing at all. This violence is being described by a leading world expert on genocide, Dr Gregory Stanton of "Genocide Watch" in the US, as being in an advanced stage of genocide. Read his report on:

  *I am submitting these website addresses because I believe in not using to much paper. I hope that the Members of your committee will access these websites and download these reports themselves—and thus view these reports as written evidence submitted to your hearing.

  The "Carte Blanche" programme may be further highlighted by the journalist Susan Puren who did all the interviews and research. Her email address is

  The SA police farm attack report may be read online at:

  This investigation had also found that in certain cases, "the farm attacks are being carried out with considerably more violence than routine robberies elsewhere and that this is due to racial hatred". Futhermore, the illegal land occupations by the Landless People's Movement and other NGOs are on the increase and also lead to farm attacks and murders and "this was a matter of large concern", this independent report stated.

  I apologise for this hand written submission but this is due to circumstances beyond my control.

Adriana Johanna Stuijt

January 2004

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Prepared 18 May 2004