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Foreign Affairs - First Report

Here you can browse the report together with the Proceedings of the Committee. The published report was ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 15 January 2004.


Terms of Reference


Continuing scrutiny of foreign policy

Tenth Report of Session 2002-03, Foreign Policy Aspects of the War against Terrorism (HC 405)

Evidence on the Greek European Council (HC 774)

Evidence on the Inter-Governmental Conference (HC 606)

Seventh Report of Session 2002-03, Strategic Export Controls (HC 474)

Scrutiny of specific foreign policy issues

Eighth Report of Session 2002-03, Zimbabwe (HC 399)

Eleventh Report of Session 2002-03, Gibraltar (HC 1024)

Ninth Report of Session 2002-03, The Decision to go to War in Iraq (HC 813)

Scrutiny of Foreign & Commonwealth Office publications

Twelfth Report of Session 2002-03, Foreign and Commonwealth Office Annual Report 2003 (HC 859)

Fourth Report of Session 2002-03, Human Rights Annual Report 2002 (HC 257)

Pre-legislative foreign policy scrutiny

Fifth Report of Session 2002-03, The Biological Weapons Green Paper (HC 671)

Sixth Report of Session 2002-03, The Government's Proposals for Secondary Legislation under the Export Control Act (HC 620)

Other scrutiny activities

Financial scrutiny

Scrutiny of the Foreign Office's associated public bodies

Scrutiny of major appointments

Departmental response

Assisting the House

The future

Annex 1 Informal Meetings held by the Foreign Affairs Committee in 2003

Session 2002-03

Session 2003-04

Annex 2

Oral evidence sessions

Session 2001-02

Session 2002-03

Session 2003-04

Appendix Correspondence between the Chairman of the Committee and the Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Formal Minutes

Reports and Evidence from the Foreign Affairs Committee since 2001

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