Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Third Report


Programme for the visit to Iran, 18-24 October 2003

Saturday 18th October

2300   Arrival in Tehran.

Sunday 19th October

0900   Leave Hotel

0915  Briefing in Embassy

1030  Leave Embassy

1045  Dr Mirdamadi, Chairman of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee

1145  Return to Embassy

1200  Visit to Visa Section

1300   Lunch in Residence with Western journalists

1500  Mr Ahani, Deputy Minister for Europe and the Americas

1615  Mr Akbar Alami, Chairman of the UK/Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group (Majlis)

Monday 20th October

0930   Leave hotel

1000  Mr Karroubi, Speaker of Majlis

1130  Ayatollah Marvi, Deputy Head of Judiciary for Administrative Affairs

1445  Mr Rajab-Ali Mazrouie, Secretary General of Association of Iranian Journalists

1615  Mr Ziaefar, Secretary of Islamic Human Rights Commission

2000  Dinner hosted by Dr Mirdamadi, new Majlis building

Tuesday 21st October

0900  Leave hotel

0930  Mr Abtahi, Vice President for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

1045  Minority MPs (Majlis)

1200  Return to Embassy

1230  Lunch in Embassy with British Council, Commercial and Consular staff

1500   Mr Hossein Ansari Rad, Chairman of Article 90 Committee (Majlis)

1830  Leave hotel

1900   Buffet dinner at Embassy

Wednesday 22nd October

0715  Leave hotel

0800  Shirin Ebadi

0900  Museums

1130  Meeting with Iranian analysts in Ambassador's Residence

1230  Sandwich lunch with analysts (discussion continues)

1430   Leave for airport

1550   To Isfahan

1700  Meeting with Deputy Governor General of Isfahan

Thursday 23rd October

0900  Tour of cultural sites of Isfahan

1200  Lunch with local politicians and administrators

1650  Return to Tehran

1830  Closing meeting with Ambassador

Friday 24th October

0600  Leave Hotel

0700   Depart for UK

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Prepared 19 March 2004