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Foreign Affairs - Second Report

Here you can browse the report together with the Proceedings of the Committee. The published report was ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 15 January 2004.


Terms of Reference

Conclusions and recommendations



Developments in Iraq since July 2003

The capture of Saddam Hussein


Political developments

Post-war rebuilding and economic reconstruction

Prospects for Iraq, and implications for the wider war against terrorism

A continuing role for the United Kingdom

Iraq and the war against terrorism

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the war against terrorism

Developments since July 2003

Progress towards a negotiated peace

Failures on the part of the Palestinian Authority

Failures on the part of the Israeli Government

The urgent need for a breakthrough

Prospects for restarting the Road Map

A role for the United Kingdom

Other threats to security in the Middle East region

Weapons of mass destruction and international terrorism

Iran's nuclear programme and its links to terrorist organisations




The continuing threat from international terrorist networks

Recent terrorist attacks

International co-operation in the war against terrorism

Progress in dismantling terrorist infrastructure

Progress in dismantling al Qaeda

Afghanistan and the war against terrorism

Taking forward the war against terrorism

Multilateral institutions and the war against terrorism

The European Union

The United Nations

NATO and the war against terrorism

The Proliferation Security Initiative: an alternative approach to multilateralism?

Helping weak and threatened states towards reform

Guantánamo Bay


Formal minutes



Tuesday 4 November 2003

Tuesday 2 December 2003

List of written evidence

Reports and Evidence from the Foreign Affairs Committee since 2001

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