Select Committee on Members' Fund - Report by the Government Actuary on the Valuation of the Fund as at 30 September 2003 Report


Consolidated Revenue Account for the Period

1 October 2000 to 30 September 2003
Fund at 1 October 2000 4,762,596
Members' contributions47,175
House of Commons Vote, Grant in Aid 645,000
Investment income246,494
Net gains in asset values(1,622,471)
Total income(683,802)
Grants paid (1939 Act)41,636
Grants paid (1981 Act)234,901
Special hardship grants (1948 Act)335,726
Lump sum gratuities43,523
Administration costs94,207
Investment management expenses22,265
Total expenditure 772,258
Fund at 30 September 2003 3,306,536

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Prepared 28 October 2004