Select Committee on Home Affairs First Report

7  Other measures in the Bill

78. Other significant provisions in the Bill include:

  • Clause 4, which introduces a new criminal offence of trafficking people into, or out of, the UK for the purpose of exploitation (defined in the explanatory notes as including "slavery or forced labour, organ removal, or the use of force or threats to induce the victim to provide services")[72], and
  • Clause 15, which allows for the electronic tagging or tracking of persons subject to immigration control, including asylum-seekers, as an alternative to detention for those who cannot offer suitable sureties.

79. The above provisions were not announced in advance of the publication of the Bill on 27 November, and accordingly we have not had an opportunity to take evidence on them or explore their implications with the Minister. We therefore recommend that the Standing Committee on the Bill should give particular attention to these provisions, with a view to exploring and testing the Government's justification for them.

72   Explanatory notes to the Bill, para 18 Back

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Prepared 16 December 2003