Select Committee on Home Affairs First Report

Reports from the Home Affairs Committee since 2001

The following reports have been produced by the Committee since the start of the 2001 Parliament. Government Responses to the Committee's reports are published as Special Reports from the Committee or as Command Papers by the Government. The reference number of the Government's response to each Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.

Session 2002-03
First ReportExtradition Bill HC 138 (HC 475)
Second ReportCriminal Justice Bill HC 83 (Cm 5787)
Third ReportThe Work of the Home Affairs Committee in 2002 HC 336
Fourth ReportAsylum Removals HC 654
Fifth ReportSexual Offences Bill HC 639 (Cm 5986)

Session 2001-02
First ReportThe Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Bill 2001 HC 351
Second ReportPolice Reform Bill HC 612 (HC 1052)
Third ReportThe Government's Drugs Policy: Is it Working? HC 318 (Cm 5573)
Fourth ReportThe Conduct of Investigations into Past Cases of Abuse in Children's Homes HC 836 (Cm 5799)

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Prepared 16 December 2003