Select Committee on Health Third Report

Annex 3: Nutritional and energy requirements

Estimated Average Requirements[413]
0-3 mo545 51511-14 yr 22201845
4-6 mo690 64515-18 yr 27552110
7-9 mo825 76519-50 yr 25501940
10-12 mo920 86551-59 yr 25501900
1-3 yr1230 116560-64 yr 23801900
4-6 yr1715 154565-74 yr 23301900
7-10 yr1970 174074+ yr 21001810

Fat, protein and carbohydrate are the three nutrients that provide energy. Alcohol also provides energy. There is some evidence to suggest that a poor energy mix of the diet is a risk factor in various diseases such as coronary heart disease and certain cancers. The COMA panel reviewed this evidence and concluded that it would be useful to set DRVs[414] for total fat (fatty acids and glycerol), fatty acids, sugars and starches (Table 3)Suggested population averages for protein, carbohydrate and fat as a percentage of dietary energy
Diet containing alcohol[415] Diet not containing alcohol
Protein15 15
Total Carbohydrate 4750
Non milk extrinsic sugars[416] 1011
Total fat33 35
Saturated fatty acids 1011
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 6[417] 6.5
Trans fatty acids2 2
Monosaturated fatty acids 1213
Approximate daily intakes for adults aged 19-50
Males Females
Protein[418] 55.5g45g
Total Carbohydrate[419] 320g245g
Fat[420] 95g70g
Saturates30g 20g
Sodium2.5g 2g
Fibre20g 16g
Sugar70g 50g

413 Back

414   DRVs - Dietary Reference Values; EAR - Estimated Average Requirements Back

415   Alcohol should provide no more than 5% of energy in the diet Back

416   NMES - free sugar not bound in foods, eg table sugar, honey and sugars in fruit juices, but excluding milk sugar. Back

417   An individual maximum of 10% applies (with an individual minimum of 0.2% from linolenic acid, and 1% linolenic acid). Back

418   Dietary Reference Values for Food Energy and Nutrients for the UK, Department of Health, 1991 Back

419   Figure for carbohydrate calculated for the Committee by the FSA. Carbohydrates have not been included in Guideline Daily Amounts because these were thought to be less important than other categories for which GDAs were given, and potentially misleading. Back

420   Guideline Daily Amounts for fat, saturates, sodium, fibre and sugar taken from Williams C, Rayner M, Myatt M, Boag A, Use your label - making sense of nutrition information, MAFF, 1996 Back

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