Select Committee on Health Third Report

List of Abbreviations

ACT    Activity Co-ordination Team

ASA    Advertising Standards Authority

BHF    British Heart Foundation

BMI    Body Mass Index

CAP    Common Agricultural Policy

CHD    Coronary Heart Disease

DCMS    Department for Culture, Media and Sport

DEFRA  Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

DfES    Department for Education and Skills

DfT    Department for Transport

DoH    Department of Health

FSA    Food Standards Agency

HEA    Health Education Authority

HFCS    High Fructose Corn Syrup

IOTF    International Obesity Task Force

LTP    Local Transport Plan

NAO    National Audit Office

NICE    National Institute for Clinical Excellence

NSF    National Service Framework

ODPM    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

OFCOM  Office of Communications

Ofsted    Office for Standards in Education

PCO    Primary Care Organisation

PCT    Primary Care Trust

PE    Physical Exercise

PSA    Public Service Agreement

RCGP    Royal College of General Physicians

RCP    Royal College of Physicians

SHA    Strategic Health Authority

TOAST  The Obesity Awareness and Solutions Trust

WHO    World Health Organization

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Prepared 27 May 2004