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Here you can browse the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 10 May 2004.

Thursday 18 December 2003

Members present

Mr David Hinchliffe, in the Chair

Mr Keith BradleyDr Doug Naysmith
Jim DowdDr Richard Taylor
Mr Jon Owen Jones


Memorandum by the National Obesity Forum (OB 18)

Memorandum by Dr Colin Waine OBE (OB 106)

Memorandum by Dr Nick Finer (OB 104)

Memorandum by Professor John Baxter (OB 109)

Memorandum by Dietitians in Obesity Management (UK) (OB 29)

Examination of Witnesses

Dr Ian Campbell, Chairman, National Obesity Forum, Dr Colin Waine, Visiting Professor, Primary and Community Care, University of Sunderland, Dr Nick Finer, Hon. Consultant Physician, Obesity Medicine, Addenbrooke's Hospital NHS Trust, Professor John Baxter, Professor of Surgery and consultant surgeon, University of Wales, Secretary, British Obesity Surgery Society and Ms Dympna Pearson, Chair, Dieticians in Obesity Management (UK), were examined.

Question Number




Memorandum by Professor Iain Broom, Counterweight (OB 23)

Further memorandum by Professor Iain Broom, Counterweight (OB 85)

Memorandum by Amanda Avery (OB 111)

Memorandum by Leeds North West Primary Care Trust Weight Management Project (OB 72)

Examination of Witnesses

Professor Iain Broom, Consultant in Clinical Biochemistry and Metabolic Medicine, Grampian University Hospitals Trust, Ms Louise Mann, Practice Nurse, Gable House Surgery, Ms Amanda Avery, Community Dietician, Greater Derby Primary Care Trust, Ms Sally Hayes, Head Nurse, and Ms Emma Croft, Community Dietician, Leeds North West Primary Care Trust, were examined.

Question Number




Memorandum by Weight Watchers (OB 46)

Memorandum by Slimming World (OB 105)

Memorandum by TOAST: The Obesity Awareness and Solutions Trust (OB 13)

Examination of Witnesses

Ms Paula Hunt, Nutritionist and Dietician, Weight Watchers, Dr Jacquie Lavin, Nutritionist, Slimming World, Ms Jackie Cox, Joint Chair, The Obesity Awareness and Solutions Trust and Dr Helen Truby, Senior Lecturer, University of Surrey, Principal Investigator, BBC Diet Trials, were examined.

Question Number



Memorandum by Dr Helen Truby (OB 103)

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