Select Committee on Health Written Evidence

Annex B


Children's palliative care

  Grant scheme name: Sandwell and West Birmingham home based palliative care scheme for children

  Lead organisation: Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust.

  Awarded amount: £321,838

  Progress to date: The scheme is two thirds through its first year of operation. £64,697 has been claimed so far.

  Grant scheme description: The scheme aims to extend the existing home based palliative care service in the Sandwell and West Birmingham area. The Community Children's Nursing Team will provide respite care including an Asian Support Worker to meet the Asian family needs and service hours will be extended, including an advisory telephone line. Beneficiaries are terminally ill children or children with a life threatening disease, as well as their families/carers.

Adult's palliative care

  Scheme name: Palliative support at home

  Lead organisation: Langbaurgh Primary Care Trust

  Awarded amount: £383,474

  Progress to date: The scheme has recently started and has been funded £8,913 to date.

  Grant scheme description: The grant scheme covers the Langbaurgh PCT area, based in Guisborough, with a mix of rural coastal and urban populations. The scheme has increased the overall provision of community palliative care services in a wide geographical area through the employment of four care workers and the use if trained bank staff. It offers easier access to palliative care services at home and has also increased the availability of care for longer periods of the day for patients with any life limiting illness.

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Prepared 26 July 2004