Select Committee on Health Written Evidence


NCSC Recommendations to the Department of Health (1 May 2003) regarding Welfare standards in children's hospices

  The Regulations and National Minimum Standards for children's hospices do not reflect the range of non-clinical child welfare standards that are contained in both the Standards for other children's services such as children's homes and special schools, and in the National Minimum Standards for Care Homes for Younger Adults (eg in relation to child protection matters, statutory notifications, and consultation with children over welfare matters).

  However, these establishments care for vulnerable children, and those children share the same rights and need for protection as those accommodated in other settings. Providers have raised concern at the limitations of welfare, as opposed to clinical, requirements and standards for children's hospices.

  The Commission proposes that the Department of Health discusses with NCSC the identification of relevant child welfare, safety and protection requirements from both the Children's Homes Regulations and Standards and those for young people within the existing Care Homes Regulations and Standards, for addition to the Private and Voluntary Healthcare Regulations and Standards applicable to children's hospices.

February 2004

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Prepared 26 July 2004