Select Committee on Unopposed Bill Committee Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 40-59)

Wednesday 12 May 2004


40. SIR JOHN BUTTERFILL: What was the nature of the objection? You do not need to go into detail on every one.

41. MR TURNER: Part of the area of Princes Street, in particular, has a number of office uses, such as estate agents and banks, which have less commonality of interest with the market traders. They raised some concerns about that not being an appropriate area for the market to expand into. The view that the Council has taken on that is that currently the Council would agree with that position but we see that as a longer-term proposal. Under the Bill as drawn we would have to consult again before deciding to expand into any particular area, and we were not, in the first instance, intending to go down that particular area. Of course, in 20 or 30 years' time the position may be vastly different and people felt it would be rather a shame to have to go through this process all over again to get another Act of Parliament to extend the boundaries. We have taken a long-term view.

42. SIR JOHN BUTTERFILL: I understand that. You spoke, or you wrote - communicated - with some of the occupiers. Did you also communicate with the freeholders?

43. MR TURNER: As best we could. We did not do a comprehensive Land Registry search but we did ----

44. SIR JOHN BUTTERFILL: You did not?

45. MR TURNER: No, but we did speak to some of the freeholders; we have not spoken to all of them.

46. SIR JOHN BUTTERFILL: What concerns me a little - and I am not sure I entirely agree with the report of the Joint Committee and that is why I want to probe a little more on this - is that in some cases this proposal could lead to, for example, a diminution in value of the freehold, which may or may not affect the tenants and the occupiers but, also, in relation to any freehold occupiers or leasehold occupiers of the residential accommodation, they are going to have their rights of access restricted, which prima facie would lead one to believe there might be a diminution in value.

47. MR TURNER: I am not sure that there is going to be any significant restriction on access above and beyond what there already is. As you can imagine, it is the historic town centre of Ipswich and there are already highly restrictive traffic orders so that they would not be able, for example, to park their car for any length of time anyway.

48. SIR JOHN BUTTERFILL: But they can access their homes?

49. MR TURNER: In most cases they would not be able to access in a vehicle for a significant part of the day.

50. SIR JOHN BUTTERFILL: Really? Because there is pedestrianisation on all of these streets?

51. MR TURNER: Most of the dwellings, in fact, according to our records, are actually on the Lloyds Avenue part, and they would, I suppose, be able to access vehicles there. The pedestrianised parts are the Butter Market, Cornhill Square and the top part of Princes Street. I suppose there would be a limited loading and unloading right.

52. MR THOMPSON: I think you were able to confirm to me at an earlier stage, Mr Turner, that there are no private vehicular rights accessing these streets, are there? There are no garaging rights.

53. MR TURNER: No.

54. SIR JOHN BUTTERFILL: There would simply be a right, as one would have, to stop and take shopping in and move on.

55. MR THOMPSON: I think I had understood from you that the Council's investigations indicated that most of the 25 residential dwellings that I mentioned are in Lloyds Avenue which is at the top of the map, and that is the street that, in fact, is used by taxis and is blocked off from Cornhill, which provides the route up to the bus station, which is just off the map at the top.

56. SIR JOHN BUTTERFILL: They are primarily there, are they, in Lloyds Avenue?

57. MR TURNER: Yes, according to the records which we have looked at.

58. MR THOMPSON: Princes Street and Queen Street are very much the sort of building society, bank and estate agent buildings.

59. SIR JOHN BUTTERFILL: With no residential accommodation over them?

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