Select Committee on Unopposed Bill Committee Minutes of Evidence

The Witness Withdrew

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 107-113)

Wednesday 12 May 2004


Examined by MR THOMPSON

107. MR THOMPSON: Yes, certainly. Mr Turner, would you just like to stand, please? Is your full name Paul Ashley Turner, and are you the Corporate Legal Adviser and Monitoring Officer for Ipswich Borough Council?

Mr Turner: It is, and I am.

108. Do you hold responsibility for the promotion of the Bill on behalf of Ipswich Council, the promoter of the Bill?

Mr Turner: Indeed.

109. Have you read the preamble?

Mr Turner: Yes.

110. Is it true?

Mr Turner: Yes, it is.

111. MR THOMPSON: I think that completes the formal requirements.

112. CHAIRMAN: On behalf of myself and my fellow Committee Members can we wish you every success with the enlarged market at Ipswich. Thank you.

113. MR THOMPSON: Thank you very much.

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Prepared 25 May 2004