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International Development - Second Report

Here you can browse the report together with the Proceedings of the Committee. The published report was ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 15 January 2004.


Terms of Reference



1 Introduction


Key actors

Status of the Occupied Palestinian Territories in international law

Israel's commitments

2 The development context: closure, settlements and the barrier


Israeli settlements

The separation barrier/fence

The Qalqilya example

Legitimacy of the barrier

Access to basic services: food, water, education and healthcare

Food and food aid




Education and allegations of incitement

Security and development

3 The Palestinian Authority

The structure of the PNA under Oslo

Constitutional structure

Economic structure

Internal problems: corruption and mismanagement

The PA's credibility

Local government

Public relations


4 The Palestinian economy

A crushed economy and rising poverty

Workers in Israel, remittances and unemployment

External trade

Private sector development

5 Development challenges

Physical destruction

Non-physical development

Delivery of humanitarian relief

Obstruction of humanitarian workers

Dealing with destruction


6 The donor/development response

Support to UNRWA and NGOs



Support for the Palestinian Authority

Capacity building and technical assistance

European Union assistance

Budget support

Donor harmonisation


Scope for improvement

Palestinian-led development

Communication with the Israeli Authorities

Advocacy and political pressure

Global media

Advocacy by the UK Government

Economic pressure

Subsidising the occupation?

DFID in the OPT

7 Conclusion

Conclusions and recommendations

Annex: The "100 Days Plan" of the Palestinian Authority

List of abbreviations and acronyms

Formal minutes

Witnesses (page numbers refer to Volume II)


Tuesday 16 September 2003

Tuesday 11 November 2003

Tuesday 18 November 2003

List of written evidence (page numbers refer to Volume II)

List of unprinted written evidence

Written Evidence

Reports from the International Development Committee since 2001

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