Select Committee on International Development Second Report

Reports from the International Development Committee since 2001

The Government Responses to International Development Committee reports are listed here in brackets by the HC (or Cm) No. after the report they relate to.

Session 2003-04
First ReportTrade and Development at the WTO: Learning the lessons of Cancún to revive a genuine development round HC 92-I and HC 92-II

Session 2002-03
First ReportAfghanistan: the transition from humanitarian relief to reconstruction and development assistance HC 84

(HC 621 )

Second ReportInternational Development Committee: Annual Report 2002 HC 331
Third ReportThe humanitarian crisis in southern Africa HC 116-I and -II

(HC 690)

Fourth ReportPreparing for the humanitarian consequences of possible military action against Iraq HC 444-I and -II

(HC 561)

Fifth Report (First Joint Report)The Government's proposals for secondary legislation under the Export Control Act HC 620

(Cm 5988)

Sixth Report (Second Joint Report)Strategic Export Controls Annual Report for 2001, Licensing Policy and Parliamentary Scrutiny HC 474

(Cm 5943)

Seventh ReportTrade and Development at the WTO: Issues for Cancún HC 400-I and II

(HC 1093)

Eighth ReportDFID Departmental Report 2003 HC 825

Session 2001-02
First ReportThe humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and the Surrounding Region HC 300-I and -II

(HC 633)

Second ReportThe Effectiveness of the Reforms of European Development Assistance HC 417-I and -II

(HC 1027)

Third ReportGlobal Climate Change and Sustainable Development HC 519-I and -II

(HC 1270)

Fourth Report (First Joint Report)Strategic Export Controls: Annual Report for 2000, Licensing Policy and Prior Parliamentary Scrutiny HC 718

(CM 5629)

Fifth ReportFinancing for Development: Finding the Money to Eliminate World Poverty HC 785-I and -II

(HC 1269)

Sixth ReportDepartment for International Development: Departmental Report 2002 HC 964 (HC 357, Session 2002-03)

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