Select Committee on International Development Written Evidence

Supplementary memorandum submitted by Christian Aid

  In further response to Question 83, (Oral evidence session, 11 November 2003) as documented in UN General Assembly Press Release, GA/10179, the EU, including Britain introduced a text which expressed concern that the route of the wall being built by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territory, including in and around East Jerusalem, could prejudice future negotiations and make the two-State solution physically impossible to implement and would cause further humanitarian hardship to the Palestinians. It did not specifically condemn the wall as illegal but only referred to "illegal Israeli activities" in the occupied territories. However, General Assembly votes are not binding in the way that Security Council Resolutions can be, therefore, it would have been of more significance if Britain had not abstained in the UNSCR vote on October 14 that declared the wall illegal.

William Bell

14 November 2003

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Prepared 5 February 2004