Select Committee on International Development Written Evidence

Supplementary memorandum submitted by International Service

The effectiveness of aid from UK and EU sources on Palestinian poverty levels, how it is targeted and what could be done to prevent it from being wasted or destroyed.


  This paper is being submitted as a supplementary to our memoranda on "Conditions for Aid".

  A key practical concern to many NGOs working in the Palestinian Territories during the period since the start of the second intifada, has been the drastically increased cost of providing security for their personnel.

  Given the dramatically rising rates of poverty and the difficulty in moving from place to place encountered by the vast majority of Palestinians living in the territories, international personnel have been able to plug gaps, keep people in touch with each other, fulfil vital service delivery and humanitarian roles as well as their more usual functions in capacity building with local institutions.

  We have maintained a presence in the territories throughout this time despite the heightened security risks and a number of evacuations which have occurred. This has however, come at a high price. Attached is a break down of our additional costs over the past 18 months which has been a burden we have not been able to share with any of our major funders. We are receiving increasing demands for our services in the form of mature professionals who are prepared to work alongside Palestinians over 2-3 years. These placements have proven to be effective in delivering important development goals in the fields of health, human rights and education.

  Without some recognition from DFID that these extra costs should be shared we are unable to meet the demands for extra personnel and must keep our programme at around its current size. Our PPA was negotiated before the increase in tension and the subsequent hike in our insurance and other costs so no allowance was made for this. We believe that our people are performing a vital service often acting as a link to the outside world and as a bridge between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and we would like to be able to expand our programme in line with demand. If this falls within the remit of the enquiry, we would be grateful if this could be addressed in some way.

21 October 2003

April 2002 to
March 2003
April 2003 to
July 2003
Radio phone bills2,725.11 841.22
Radio phones purchased2,494.52
Video camera558.32
Stickers & flags439.85 86.39
Accommodation/subsistence1,658.87 583.48
R & R3,172.91946.04
Gas mask filters720.01
Security meeting workshop547.95
Flack jacket2,408.77
War & terrorism insurance31,500.00 15,750.00
Total 47,939.4118,207.13

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Prepared 5 February 2004