Select Committee on Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Housing, Planning, Local Government and the Regions Written Evidence

Memorandum by Tim Williams, CPR Regeneration (CAB 11)

  CPR Regeneration is Cornwall's URC. SWRDA, EP and in the 20th century industrial restructuring led to the loss of quality jobs and a degraded environment which the URC was brought into being to address. Recognising the importance of the built environment as a cornerstone of recovery in this area the URC was the first in the country to appoint an urban design manager in-house. To add to this, we established with CABE and SWRDA a new post of Design Action Manager to implement a real programme of events and initiatives in Devon and Cornwall. The appointment works out of the URC office for half the week, raising the local and Cornwall game in terms of the quality of architecture and the built environment.

  The URC will be working as a partner in a number of these initiatives which complement our core role to raise the quality of design and pursue excellence in regeneration projects. Some examples of this include a series of masterclass seminars on identified key issues such as highway design, community participation techniques, contemporary design and local distinctiveness, the "safer places' ODPM" initiative. A Work will also be pursued to raise awareness and capacity among the Local Planning Authority—councillors and officers, to improve decision making, and to establish a local authority design champion among elected members.

  The programme aims to secure a legacy for our area and so will invest time in developing opportunities for architecture centre outreach, design review panels, and establishing our district council, Kerrier. This Design Action programme identifies Kerrier District Council as a primary host authority for delivery of initiatives among a cluster of authorities in West Cornwall. CABE's presence in the area has already had dividends through input into URC projects, working with the local "Liveability" team and promoting the "Creating: Excellence" Initiative in the South West.

  This is a real programme with achievable and effective objectives. It is resourced for two years providing support for the URC in the most difficult early stage of our programme when a huge step change is required in the region. Collectively we are having a real impact on the culture and work practices of the area and without CABE this would not be the case.

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Prepared 27 October 2004