Select Committee on Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Housing, Planning, Local Government and the Regions Written Evidence

Memorandum by Broughton Gifford Parish Council (POS 44)

  West Wiltshire District Council made the Parish Council aware of the opportunity of making our views known at national level on the above detailed topic of postal voting. However, the consultation document on this inquiry called for "evidence" as opposed to opinions/views and as such this Parish Council was unable to make any comment, as it has no experience on this matter.

  This Parish Council has serious concerns about the risk of fraud and the costs involved in implementing a postal voting system but without evidence it could not make these comments known to the Inquiry. The Parish Council would like to know if the Government can produce "evidence" that these problems would not occur!

Mrs Dawn Cutherbertson

Clerk to Broughton Gifford Parish Council

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Prepared 20 May 2004