Select Committee on Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Housing, Planning, Local Government and the Regions Ninth Report


Tuesday 27 April 2004  
Mr Peter Kenway, Director, and Mr Guy Palmer, Director, New Policy Institute
Mr Nicholas Boles, Director, Policy Exchange
Mr Dan Corry, Director, New Local Government Network
Professor Glen Bramley, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh
Professor Tony Travers, London School of Economics
Mr Ray Shostak, Public Services Directorate, and Mr Andrew Lewis, Head of Tax Policy Team, HM Treasury
Ms Lindsay Bell, Director of Local Government Finance, Mr Andrew Allberry, Head of Taxation, Valuation and General Policy Division, Local Government Finance Directorate, and Mr Robert Davies, Head of Modernisation and Grant Distribution Division, Local Government Finance Directorate, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

Tuesday 11 May 2004
Ms Cathy Bakewell, Leader of the Council, and Mr Chris Bilsland, Corporate Director (Treasury), Somerset County Council
Mr Peter Lacey, Chief Executive, Somerset Association of Local Councils
Mr Nick Lewis, Director of Finance, and Mr Andrew May, Policy Adviser, South West Regional Development Agency
Mr Francis Cornish, Chairman, South West Tourism
Mr Peter Webb, Chairman, Surrey Tax Action Group
Mr Albert Venison, Chairman, Devon Pensioners' Action Forum
Mr Brian Jaye
Ms Christine Melsom and Mr Mike Schofield, Is It Fair? Campaign

Tuesday 18 May 2004
Mr Chris Pond, a Member of the House, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Work and Pensions
Mr Phil Shakeshaft, Head of Strategy, One North East Regional Development Agency
Mr Tim James, Area Manager, Tyne & Wear, and Mr Andrew Sugden, Director of Policy, Chamber of Commerce in the North East

Tuesday 25 May 2004
Mr Paul Woods, City Treasurer, Newcastle-upon-Tyne City Council, and Finance Officer, Association of North East Councils, and Councillor Bob Gibson, Leader, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Chairman, North East Regional Assembly and Chairman, Association of North East Councils
Mr Michael Roberts, Director of Business Environment, Lucinda Turner, Head of Infrastructure, and Mr Simon Parker, Senior Policy Adviser, Public Services Directorate, Confederation of British Industry (CBI)

Wednesday 23 June 2004
Mr John Healey, a Member of the House, Economic Secretary, HM Treasury
Mr David Miliband, a Member of the House, Minister of State for School Standards, Department for Education and Skills
Mr Nick Raynsford, a Member of the House, Minister of State for Local and Regional Government, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
Sir Jeremy Beecham, Chairman and Leader of the Labour Group, Mr Peter Chalke CBE, Leader of the Conservative Group, Mr Chris Clarke OBE, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, and Sir Brian Briscoe, Chief Executive, the Local Government Association (LGA)

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© Parliamentary copyright 2004
Prepared 16 July 2004