Select Committee on Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Housing, Planning, Local Government and the Regions Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 338-339)


11 MAY 2004

  Q338 Chairman: Welcome to the Committee. Can I ask you all to identify yourselves for the record?

  Mr Webb: My name is Peter Webb. I am chairman of Surrey Tax Action Group.

  Mr Venison: Albert Venison. I am the chairman of the Devon Pensioners' Action Forum.

  Mr Jaye: Brian Jaye, a pensioner from Dorset.

  Ms Melsom: Christine Melsom, founder member of Is It Fair.

  Mr Schofield: Mike Schofield, a member of the central Is It Fair Committee.

  Q339 Chairman: Does anyone want to say anything by way of introduction?

  Ms Melsom: Yes, I would like to, please. Is It Fair is a national campaign and it is growing very rapidly across the country. We welcome members of all ages and we are completely non-party political. The current system is fundamentally flawed and this has been widely reported and documented. People recognise that all public services have to be paid for. What they want is a fairer system based on the ability to pay. The payers are the people, not the property. Having studied the various proposed options and solutions, we believe that the fairest and simplest way for each individual to contribute towards the cost of public services is to use the existing income tax and VAT systems that are established and understood and accepted. Is It Fair is only concerned with resolving the issues of council tax and the damaging impact they have on the taxpayer. The current discord that exists amongst the electorate cannot continue. We are grateful to be here today and willing to assist the Committee in any way we can.

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Prepared 27 July 2004