Select Committee on Public Administration Minutes of Evidence

Letter by Sir Richard Mottram KCB (Hon 99)

  At the hearing on Honours on 29 April I said I would come back to the committee on a couple of points: the leak investigation and ethnicity monitoring. I have since taken the advice of the Cabinet Office Honours Secretariat on both.

  Following the unauthorised disclosure of information on the Honours System to the Sunday Times in December 2003, an investigation was commissioned by the Cabinet Office. A preliminary report has been submitted to the Cabinet Secretary but further investigations are continuing.

  On ethnicity monitoring, informal monitoring of successful candidates is currently undertaken based on information provided by departmental honours secretaries. It is recognised that this information cannot be complete as it is a broad indication only. Sir Hayden Phillips's review of the honours system will consider ways in which more accurate data might be obtained in future to reflect accurately ethnic-minority representation at all levels.

  I hope this is some help.

Richard Mottram

May 2004

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Prepared 17 June 2004