Select Committee on Science and Technology First Report

Reports from the Science and Technology Committee since 2001

Session 2002-03
First ReportThe Work of the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (Reply HC 507) HC 161
Second ReportAnnual Report 2002 HC 260
Third ReportThe Work of the Medical Research Council

(Reply Cm 5834)

HC 132
Fourth ReportTowards a Non-Carbon Fuel Economy: Research, Development and Demonstration (Reply HC 745) HC 55-I
Fifth ReportThe Work of the Natural Environment Research Council (Reply HC 1161) HC 674
Sixth ReportUK Science and Europe: Value for Money?

(Reply HC 1162)

HC 386-I
Seventh ReportLight Pollution and Astronomy

(Reply HC 127, 2003-04)

HC 747-I
Eighth ReportThe Scientific Response to Terrorism HC 415-I
Ninth ReportThe Work of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (Reply HC 169, 2003-04) HC 936

Session 2001-02
First Report Cancer Research - A Follow-Up (Reply Cm 5532) HC 444
Second ReportThe Research Assessment Exercise

(Reply HC 995)

HC 507
Third Report Science Education from 14 to 19

(Reply HC 1204)

HC 508-I
Fourth ReportDevelopments in Human Genetics and Embryology

(Reply Cm 5693)

HC 791
Fifth ReportGovernment Funding of the Scientific Learned Societies (Reply HC 53) HC 774-I
Sixth ReportNational Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts: A Follow-Up (Reply HC 276) HC 1064
Seventh ReportThe Office of Science and Technology: Scrutiny Report 2002 (Reply HC 293) HC 860
Eight ReportShort-Term Research Contracts in Science and Engineering (Reply HC 442) HC 1046

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Prepared 20 January 2004