Select Committee on Science and Technology Written Evidence


Memorandum from the Whyte Group Limited

  There has been comment from various MEP's that no alternatives have been offered to REACH.

  That is not the case as industry, apart from pointing out all the failings of the proposals, has been promoting ECETOC as a good science based risk/hazard evaluation system far less demanding than REACH in cost and much more focused on chemicals which should give genuine concern by virtue of their use rather than just intrinsic hazard.

  I have also suggested to Defra as have others in Europe to their governments that a register of consumer products confidentially listing their contained chemicals by a recognised identification system would quickly establish which consumer products are actually in the market place containing chemicals of concern and that would allow the Central Agency to take the matter up directly with the supplier rather than put the emphasis on the chemicals producer to demonstrate and evidence through the supply chain by a Chemicals Safety Report.

  As the EU proposals are so fundamentally flawed on cost, bureaucracy, and effectiveness, a line by line amendment approach is undoubtedly going to lead to a hotchpotch which will just further damage EU industry from chemical producer through to downstream user and its competitiveness both internally and in the export markets.

March 2004

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Prepared 12 May 2004