Select Committee on Science and Technology Written Evidence


Letter from Dr Ray Greek, Europeans for Medical Advancement, to the Chairman

  The issue of testing chemicals for their effects on the environment and on humans is of utmost importance and it was refreshing to speak with MPs who also hold that view.

  I do have a concern that relates to this issue, however.

  As you know, we have spoken with numerous environmental groups who agree with us that the current REACH concept of using animals to test for effects of chemicals on the environment is misguided. The idea that testing chemicals on three or four species and obtaining from this, informative data for what the chemical will do to other species and the environment as a whole is specious.

  The green groups realise this but do not wish to bring this position to bear least they lose what political influence they think they have achieved with this campaign.

  I realise that green groups have fought for years in order to influence public policy and I agree with many of their efforts. But to sacrifice principle, and in this case, in all likelihood, human and animal lives in order not to be perceived as being too radical is disingenuous at best and immoral at worst.

  Please consider this when deciding what action to take on this issue.

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Prepared 12 May 2004