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Annex D

Research Libraries Network


  The Advisory Board will comprise a chair and six members representing the UK higher education research and information management communities, and a further two members of the Funders' Group: one representing the UK HE Funding Bodies, the other representing the National Libraries.

  The Advisory Board:

  1.  Guides the strategic direction of the RLN.

  2.  Provides recommendations to the Funders' Group on propsoed new projects and feasibility studies.

  3.  Receives and considers papers provided by the RLN executive unit.

  4.  Receives and considers reports on progress from the RLN executive unit.

  5.  The Advisory Board may also be invited by the Funders Group or the RLN Executive Unit to comment on matters of interest arising between scheduled meetings.

Administrative arrangements

  1.  The Advisory board will normally meet four times per year (one meeting to be held jointly with the Funders' Group).

  2.  The Advisory Board will be serviced by an RLN officer.

  3.  The Director of the RLN will usually attend meetings of the advisory board.

  4.  Additional observers may be invited to attend meetings at the discretion of the chair and members.


  There are two strands of funding provided under the Research Support Libraries Programme. One strand funded collaborative collection management projects. 16 projects were funded, lead by 11 institutions, listed below

  University of Hull

  University of London (2 projects)

  London Business School

  University of Nottingham

  University of Oxford (3 projects)

  Queen's University Belfast

  Royal Veterinary College

  University of Strathclyde (3 projects)

  University of Sussex

  University of Wales Aberystwyth

  University of York

  A separate stand, known as the access strand, sought to compensate major holdings libraries for costs incurred in providing facilities for visiting researchers from other HEIs. 49 Institutions in the UK including 39 from England received and continue to receive funding.

  Aston University

  Imperial College

  Institute of Education

  King's College

  Lancaster University

  London School of Economics

  London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

  Manchester Met University


  University College London

  University of Bath

  University of Birmingham

  University of Bradford

  University of Bristol

  University of Cambridge

  University of Central England

  University of Durham

  University of East Anglia

  University of Essex

  University of Exeter

  University of Kent

  University of Leeds

  University of Leicester

  University of Lincoln

  University of Liverpool

  University of London

  University of Manchester


  University of Newcastle

  University of Northumbria

  University of Nottingham

  University of Oxford

  University of Reading

  University of Salford

  University of Sheffield

  University of Southampton

  University of Sussex

  University of Warwick

  University of York

  University of Edinburgh

  University of Glasgow

  University of Strathclyde

  University of Stirling

  Heriot-Watt University

  University of St Andrews

  University of Aberdeen

  Cardiff University

  The Queen's University of Belfast

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