Select Committee on Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards Annual Report 2003-04

6 Conclusion and forward look

6.1 As this report shows, the past year has been a busy one of solid achievement. As well as handling the ebb and flow of individual cases, we have made further progress in strengthening the system for promoting and sustaining high standards of conduct in the House and in trying to prevent breaches of those standards through improved guidance and help to Members.

6.2 This coming year will see my colleagues and me, under the oversight of the Committee on Standards and Privileges, seeking to carry those objectives further by:

  • Preparing and implementing a coordinated strategy for briefing Members on standards issues, a task which will assume enhanced importance in the wake of a General Election with the entry of new Members to the House.
  • Agreeing with the Committee procedures for handling complaints involving allegations of criminal conduct.
  • Mounting with the Committee a review of the Code of Conduct, including consultation with external parties.

The progress we can make with these objectives will inevitably be affected by the volume of everyday advice and complaints work but we are already well placed to achieve results.

6.3 In conclusion I wish to thank my immediate colleagues and other staff of the House for their help during a demanding year. I also wish to thank the Committee on Standards and Privileges, its Chairman, Sir George Young, and its staff for their advice and help in taking forward our shared strategy.

10 June 2004   Sir Philip Mawer

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Prepared 6 July 2004