Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Written Evidence

Written Submissions received by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

1.  Letter to the Commissioner from Mr Michael Crick,
12 October 2003

[See also Volume III, PCS Oral Evidence 1]

Mr Iain Duncan Smith MP

I enclose a file of material relating to the affairs of Iain Duncan Smith MP.

This results from an investigation carried out by the BBC Newsnight programme, for which I have been working as a reporter. This investigation began last May, and concerns the fact that for the period from September 2001 to December 31 2002, Mr Duncan Smith paid his wife Betsy from his Parliamentary Staffing Allowance. We have uncovered considerable evidence that she did not, in fact, work for him during this period, which I understand is contrary to House of Commons rules.

The enclosed file includes some of the evidence we gathered, and I hope to send you more within the next few days.

I should state that I am writing to you purely in a personal capacity and not on behalf of Newsnight or the BBC. I believe that this matter should be thoroughly investigated. Indeed referring it to you is a course of action which has been suggested to the BBC by Mr Duncan Smith's lawyers.

I will of course be happy to come and talk to you should you require.

12 October 2003

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