Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Written Evidence

23.  Letter to the Commissioner from Mr W C Walker, 5 November 2003

Betsy Duncan Smith

As a former Conservative MP and senior elected officer and member of the Board of the party, I had access to the lines of communication within the party. I used all lines and can confirm that Mrs Duncan Smith kept her husbands diary. I detail below some facts.

Before Iain Duncan Smith was elected Leader, I arranged meetings for him in his parliamentary capacity as Shadow Defence Secretary. The meetings were with retired senior military officers.

After his election as Leader, I continued to arrange for meetings and for his attendance at functions involving retired top rank Royal Air Force Officers and at military exhibitions. I also arranged meetings and functions involving UK and overseas cadets at UK and Scottish venues.

Before agreeing dates, I had to contact Betsy Duncan Smith. Firstly, to ensure Iain Duncan Smith was available on given dates. Secondly, to confirm the venue, date and time. I frequently had to make a number of telephone calls before final details were confirmed. All of my telephone calls were made to her at home, often in the evenings and at weekends.

As a ex-MP and the holder of an MoD Hon. Appointment I was in the unique position to organise such activities and can confirm Mrs Betsy Duncan Smith was engaged in maintaining her husbands parliamentary diary.

5 November 2003

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Prepared 29 March 2004