Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Written Evidence

29.  Written statement by Mr Tim Wilkinson, 4 December 2003

My name is Tim Wilkinson, my business is TWS Design and I am a computer consultant.

On Tuesday 11 November I visited the office of Betsy Duncan Smith at her home in Swanbourne in my professional capacity as a computer consultant. I spent three hours using a professional data recovery tool to try and restore files that had been previously deleted or damaged in someway.

I had limited success in recovering readable data, even though there was a massive amount of information including e-mails and word documents on the hard drive. Most where beyond repair and although there are a multitude of possible reasons for this, I would suggest that the files were in such bad condition due to corruption from viruses and having been deleted for over a period of time. In a lot of cases however the titles and information on the types of files were still readable. The vast majority of files were either outlook e-mails or Microsoft Word documents relating to correspondence between Betsy Duncan Smith and Annabelle Eyre and Annabel Tuck.

Files I did recover were left for Betsy Duncan Smith to sort through at her leisure, and on two separate occasions after my visit I attempted to clean some damaged files recovered whilst at the office.

4 Decemer 2003

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