Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Written Evidence

41.  Letter to the Commissioner from Councillor John Fish, 27 October 2003

Complaint against Mr Iain Duncan Smith MP

I remember my views being canvassed by a Newsnight researcher. The main point I was trying to make was that as a MP moves from the back benches to the front national duties increase and some routine constituency work is delegated. My knowledge of this before 1945 is hearsay (Churchill). I was a councillor whilst Norman Tebbit was an MP. His contacts in the constituency became more formal when he became a Cabinet Minister. At Iain Duncan Smith's rank I would only expect an occasional contact.

My points of contact would be Chingford and Woodford Green Conservative Association 20 A Stations Road Chingford, London E4 7BE, which is Rikki Radford's local office, and the House of Commons SW1A 0AA. The London Borough of Waltham Forest recommend this address to councillors.

I do not remember any contacts with Christine Watson. Nor do I remember any official contact with Mrs Duncan Smith between mid September 2001 and 31 December 2002, and I never heard that she was working at the Chingford Office. All contacts with the Parliamentary office were in writing and so any contact with Iain would not be recorded.

27 October 2003

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