Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Written Evidence

42.  Transcript of telephone conversation between Mr Michael Crick and Mr Rikki Radford, 29 September 2003

Sec:  Conservative office, good afternoon.

MC:  Hello, it's Michael Crick from Newsnight.

Sec:  Hi there.

MC:  Is Rikki free now.

Sec:  I'll just see if he's off the phone, just a moment (crackle), just hold on.

RR:  Hello.

MC:  Hello, Mr Radford.

RR:  Yes it is, call me Rikki.

MC:  Hello Rikki, I'm from Newsnight at the BBC. I'm doing—we're doing some work on Iain Duncan Smith and his wife Betsy and particularly her role in his career and I was wondering—I know she used to work as his diary secretary—I was wondering I understand you being the agent in Chingford since he became leader or shortly after that.

RR:  Yup.

MC:  And does she still do that role as diary secretary.

RR:  No.

MC:  She doesn't.

RR:  No.

MC:  Right, not at all.

RR:  No but have you tried running any of these questions through the CCO press office.

MC:  erm, I think—

RR:  I know your researchers have been ringing around.

MC:  Right, I think one of my colleagues has done yes—as far you're aware she doesn't have any professional role for him since he became leader.

RR:  As far as I'm aware—and I can be absolute it's not 'as far as I'm aware', I know for sure she doesn't.

MC:  Right, erm so she doesn't write speeches for him or do research.

RR:  Come on (sarcastically).

MC:  Sorry.

RR:  Come on.

MC:  (laughs) Right, OK, so. Thanks very much indeed.

RR:   Well the bottom line is that she's his wife and she gets on with looking after the kids.

MC:  Right.

RR:  OK.

MC:  Right ok, Well thanks very much.

29 September 2003

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