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44.  Notes of contacts in Chingford

MS action 2002/03 Jean Atkins [telephone number]

Didn't make any appearances in 2002. Patron since Jan 03—all correspondence or calles made to Ricky Radford.

Neal Dalgleish

Brian Elton 2002/03 [telephone number]

(contacted IDS re Porton Down) and now saving a local cinema. Has know him for some time and he's helped on a number of issues over the last few years. Never dealt with BDS. Contact over several years and currently in touch.

Neal Dalgleish

Haven House Hospice 2002/03 (Woodford Green)

Lots of contact with IDS over the past two years. Never with BDS.

He came to last years summer fete and is coming again this year. All arrangements made with Christine in his London office. He attended fund raiser 20 June 2003. Last year's summer fete visit in July 2002 was not arranged with BDS.

Neal Dalgleigh

*** Chingford Festival June 02

Irene Bull [telephone numbers]

Visited 29 of June 02—telephone conversations were with Betsy

Original letters written to IDS's office at the House of Commons. Irene received a phone call from Betsy but the letters references are IDS/CLW and IDS/ACE so not clear that these actually came from her. IDS visited the festival in 2001 and 2002, but he's not going this year.

Louise Western

Honey Lane House 2002 Nursing Home Waltham Abbey

Owner Seamus Holton [telephone number]

Had lots of contact last year over proposed changes to the home. IDS visit end of last year (2002) and lots of correspondence leading up to the visit. None of it with BDS.

Neal Dalgleish

Waltham Forest College, 2002/03

IDS has made a number of visits to the college. The press officer there, Karen has been involved in organising a number of them. She doesn't recall she had any contact with BDS.

Neal Dalgleish

Oak Hill Jnr School Jan 2002 Barbara Cook (Sec) [telephone number and working hours]

She is the only person left in the school office from last year (there is a new head and deputy). He initiated visit via his HofC office. Visit was in 25 Jan 2002—wife didn't come along—doesn't remember the name but thinks it was his agent.

Louise Western

Highams park signal box Feb 2002

Jenny—Network Rail [telephone number]

(Met Roger Torode and Robin Gisby) *Roger Torode—[telephone number]

Set up via the Residents association—names above

Roger Torode says all correspondence came from IDS PA—Christine Watson—Roger says that she was very involved with all of his constituency business (as per email)

Louise Western

Chingford Police Station custody suite March 02

Sgt Wren made the initial contact [telephone number] by letter to the local constituency address. All contact with IDS is via Christine Watson and Ricky Radford—Sgt Wren doesn't ever remember speaking to BDS.

Louise Western

Imperial War Museum visit April 2002

IDS visits Imperial Museum to launch book by Gordon Mitchell called 'Schooldays to Spirtfire'.

None of the arrangements for this visit to the Imperial War Museum were made with BDS according to the press officer at the Imperial War Museum. She checked the file from the time.

Neal Dalgleish

St Mary School April 2002, Chingford School. Same contact via the council.

Christine Cornell [telephone number]

IDS always recognises school meals week and visited both schools 18 April 2002 spending an hour at both. The council contacted his office in writing until a few weeks before the visit when they spoke to his office. She can't remember who she dealt with but said she thinks it was his agent. He came along with the agent and PA [doesn't think either were his wife from memory)

Louise Western

Churchill Terrace Association April 2002

IDS visits Churchill Terrace Estate on 25 April. Spokeswoman for the Churchill Terrace Residents' Association: Leslie Tlusty [telephone number].

23/5/03 Leslie Tlusty says IDS has come twice, she thinks. Meetings were set up by their local Cons councillor, John Gover, and also Rikki Radford, and other councillors Alan Ziggers and Davide Divine also involved. She's not seen BDS or had any dealings with her. These notes written up immediately afterwards with aid of notebook notes.

Michael Crick

Whipps Cross Hospital May 2002

IDS visits Whipps Cross Hospital—Plane Tree centre and special baby care unit

Chief Exec: Peter Coles; Sec: Shelley Clark, [telephone numbers]

PRO Dan [telephone number]

23/5/03 Shelley Clarke said she was now in her third year working there, and did not recall ever setting anything up with BDS. She looked in her files and said Christine Watson was the name on the card. IDS comes 2-3 times a year. Last time was at end of 2002 or start of 2003. Comes with his press secretary, or once on his own. His secretary normally rings me about two weeks in advance. No had any dealings with his wife, and he doesn't bring her. These notes written up immediately afterwards with aid of notebook notes.

Michael Crick

Enterprise House Community Housing Association June 2002 (Walthamstow Guardian 25 June)

IDS visits Enterprise House Community Housing Association in Kings Head Hill

HA sec: Marian Rogers, [address and telephone details]

23/5/03 Had no dealings with BDS. He came a couple of times last year, including once to have a fish and chip supper. I fixed it up with him. Rang his office to go to the surgery and asked him directly to come to see us. Dealt with Rikki Radford. Came last summer and also a few months before that. These notes written up immediately afterwards with aid of notebook notes. MC.

Michael Crick

Joseph Clarke School July 2002 (Waltham Forest Guardian)

IDS visits Joseph Clarke school. Head: Frank Smith [telephone number]

25/5/03 I have been head 19 years, so known IDS during all time as an MP.

Had "no dealings with her at all—not knowingly". I normally deal with his agent Rikki Radford or with his secretary. (Couldn't remember her name.) Normally comes with Rikki Radford. These notes written up immediately afterwards with aid of notebook notes MC.

Michael Crick

Tiny Tots nursery, Higham Station Avenue

IDS visits on 4 July 2002 (4 July Walthamstow Guardian)

Manager: Debbie Philips [telephone number]

23/5/2003 Visit resulted from Debbie Philips going to see IDS at his surgery about a planning application to extend the nursery. She arranged the visit to the nursery through a secretary in IDS office, though she can't remember the name of the secretary. Doesn't think it was BDS, and doesn't recall having any dealings with BDS. These notes written up immediately afterwards and aid of notebook notes.

Michael Crick

***Whitefield School July 2002 (Walthamstow Guardian)

IDS visits Whitefield School, MacDonald Road Walthamstow.

Head teacher: Neils Chapman [telephone number] Sec: Leslie

23/5/03 NC: Sometimes he comes once a year and sometimes a bit more often. I deal with a couple of Annabelles. Years ago it used to be his wife, when I first knew him. But I have not dealt with her recently and certainly not since he's been leader. I first met him before he took over from Norman Tebbit. These notes written up an hour later with the aid of notebook notes.

Michael Crick

Sir George Monoux College 26 September 2002 (26 Sept Walthamstow Guardian)

IDS visits Sir George Monoux College, Chingford Road

Principal: Richard Chambers [telephone number]

23/5/03 RC: It was the chairman of governors, Peter Leighton, a barrister, who wrote to him. There was a young woman organising his visit who came with him, I guess a party worker. It was not his wife. No dealings with his wife. These notes written up immediately afterwards with aid of notebook notes.

Michael Crick

Larkswood Infant School, New Road, Chingford September 2002 [telephone number]

Chair of Govs: Kevin Harmsworth. 23/5/03 Samantha Fennell said she spoke to Ricky Radford about the visit. But that it was really organised by the parents—Mrs Ceri Stones. No dealings with BDS "not that I am aware of. The person I had most contact with was Ricky Radford". These notes written up immediately afterwards with aid of notebook notes.

23/5/03 Parent organiser Ceri Stones who wrote to IDS, says she arranged the visit though Rikki Radford and only through him. No dealings with BDS and didn't see her.

Michael Crick

St Antony's primary school Nov 2002 (27 Nov) St Anthony's primary school Woodford Fells.

IDS visited but no contact with BDS at all.

Neal Dalgleish

Joseph Clarke School April 2003 [telephone number] Head: Mr Frank Smith

School for the blind April 10 2003—demo for special needs (protest at Town Hall).

Some visits initiated by the school and some by IDS. Ricky and Christine are the 2 people Frank has dealt with—he has never met or spoken to BDS.

Louise Western

Hawkeswood School May 2003 [telephone number] End of May 2003

Head: Katy Khan Margaret Boyce—Business Manager

School for the deaf—letter written to IDS about closure threatened last November 02 will get a final answer in September 2003 (we have copies). IDS's Secretary has also phoned them—can't remember her name—never met BDS.

Initially contacted Ricky Radcliff via a local councillor Margaret met in the street—IDS wrote a letter back—still have copies. Spoke again to Margaret Boyce 26/06. She again said she had never spoken to or met BDS.

Louise Western

Churches together in North Chingford May 2003

They wrote to him to support their work on the Trade Justice Movement campaign. Contact was with Cara Walker his secretary saying he couldn't attend an event they'd asked him to. Also letter from Cara Walker saying sorry he couldn't come.

Spoke to Sonia Merritt [telephone number]. Written up straight after conversation 24/06/03

Neal Dalgleish

Waltham Forest Primary Care Associatin June 2003

Concern about planned sacking of a sole practitioner. A number of people wrote to IDS about the planned sacking of a local GP. All contact was with his office staff, non with BDS. We have a letter from IDS's office to the Chair of the group Nigel Pollit.

Neal Dalgleish

Total to there 26 groups/organisations.

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