Select Committee on Transport Written Evidence

Supplementary memorandum by Bombardier Transportation (FOR 107A)



Question No 1856

  We are today writing to you in order to provide support information to an exchange at 7 January 2004 Transport Select Committee. As you may already know, our company was the primary contractor for the supply and testing of the Level 2 ERTMS pilot line between Olten and Lucerne in Switzerland. This included the supply of both trainborne and trackside equipment procured by SBB for the testing of the equipment and the proving of operational procedures associated with ERTMS/ETCS Level 2 systems introduction into the Swiss national rail network.

  During the Transport Select Committee meeting on Wednesday 7 January 2004, it was noted in Q1856 in an exchange between Miss Anne McIntosh and Mr Alan Osborne—the former Director of Railway Safety of the HSE, Mr Osborne was asked whether "the trialling of Level II in Switzerland is deemed to be successful" perhaps creating the impression that the Swiss pilot had been less than successful.

  With the permission of SBB, we would like to take the opportunity to enclose for your study a series of slides presented by the Head of ETCS in SBB at the recent UIC ERTMS Conference in Leipzig in December 2003. The information enclosed offers a total view of the testing and the operational results achieved in the testing of the supplied ERTMS Level II system until the pilot's termination.[13]

  It is our belief that the closing remarks by SBB clearly indicate that far from considering the pilot unsuccessful, they were satisfied with the outcome and recognise it as an important and informative experience. SBB state it is their intention to continue with the deployment of ERTMS into their network and we are bidding to them for such work. The decision made by SBB to close down the pilot line was not because of bad experience but, to the contrary, to concentrate resources on the Bahn 2000 project and the Mattsteten-Rothrist ERTMS line.

  We are sure that this information, which describes the first and only commercially operational Level 2 ERTMS system in the World in a frank and open manner, will prove to be enormously helpful and instructive to your Committee.

Per Staehr

Chief Country Representative, UK

19 December 2004

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