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Standing Committee Debates on Bills

Here you can browse House of Commons Standing Committee debates, including Membership details and the latest version of the Bill where appropriate, for 2003-04.

  Session 2003-04
*Age-Related Payments Bill (Standing Committee D)
*Armed Forces (Pensions and Compensation) Bill (Standing Committee B)
*Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants, etc.) Bill (Standing Committee B)
*Carers (Equal Opportunities) Bill (Standing Committee C)
*Child Trust Funds Bill (Standing Committee A)
*Children Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee B)
*Christmas Day (Trading) Bill (Standing Committee D)
*Civil Partnership Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee D)
*Civil Contingencies Bill (Standing Committee F)
*Companies (Audit, Investigations and Community Enterprise) Bill [Lords](Standing Committee A)
*Crown Employment (Nationality) Bill (Standing Committee C)
*Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee E)
*Employment Relations Bill (Standing Committee D)
*Energy Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee B)
*Finance Bill (except clauses 4, 5, 20, 28, 57 to 77, 86, 111 and 282 to 289, and schedules 1, 3, 11, 12, 21 and 37 to 39) (Standing Committee A)
*Fire and Rescue Services Bill (Standing Committee G)
*Gangmasters (Licensing) Bill (Standing Committee C)
*Gambling Bill (Standing Committee B)
*Gender Recognition Bill (Standing Committee A)
*Health Protection Agency Bill [Lords](Standing Committee F)
*Higher Education Bill (Standing Committee H)
*Highways (Obstruction by Body Corporate) Bill (Standing Committee F)
*Horserace Betting and Olympic Lottery Bill (Standing Committee D)
*Housing Bill (Standing Committee E)
*Human Tissue Bill (Standing Committee G)
*Justice (Northern Ireland) Bill [Lords] Bill (Standing Committee D)
*Mental Capacity Bill (Standing Committee A)
*National Insurance Contributions and Statutory Payments Bill (Standing Committee D)
*Patents Bill (Standing Committee D)
*Pensions Bill (Standing Committee B)
*Promotion of Volunteering Bill (Standing Committee C)
*Public Audit (Wales) Bill [Lords] (Standing Committee D)
*School Transport Bill (Standing Committee A)
*Sex Discrimination (Clubs and Other Private Associations) Bill (Standing Committee C)
*Sustainable and Secure Buildings Bill (Standing Committee C)
*Traffic Management Bill (Standing Committee A)

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