Sessional Returns 2002-03 - Contents


Information and statistics relating to Questions; Notices of Motions for an Early Day; the exercise of disciplinary powers by the Chair and by order of the House; and Public Petitions.
A. Questions
Number of Questions which appeared on the Order Paper:-
     - for written answer on a named day 9,486
     - for ordinary written answer 45,950
     Total for written answer 55,436
     - for oral answer 4,118
     - number reached for answer in the House 2,206
     Total number of Questions 60,872
     Number of Urgent Questions 10
     Number of days upon which replies to Questions for oral answer were given in the House 224
     Number of days upon which replied to Questions for oral answers were given in Westminster Hall 6
     Number of Questions reached for oral answer in Westminster Hall 64
B. Notices of Motions for an Early Day
Total number of Notices of Motions given for an Early Day 1,939
     including the number which were Prayers for the annulment of statutory instruments 42
C. Disciplinary Powers of the Chair
Members ordered to withdraw
Number of Members ordered to withdraw from the House under Standing Order No. 43 (Disorderly conduct)
     - in the House 0
     - in Committee of the whole House 0
Members suspended from the service of the House
Number of Members
     - suspended from the service of the House by order made under Standing Order No. 44 (Order in debate) 0
     - by orders made otherwise 2
D. Public Petitions
Total number of Petitions220
Number of Petitions presented at the times specified by Standing Order No. 154
     (Time and manner of presenting petitions) 194
Number of Petitions on which observations were tabled pursuant to Standing Order No. 156 (Printing of
     petitions and of ministerial replies) 178

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Prepared 10 February 2004