Amendments proposed to the Identity Cards Bill, As Amended - continued House of Commons

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David Davis
Patrick Mercer
Mr Humfrey Malins
Mr Geoffrey Clifton-Brown


Page     25,     line     44     [Clause     29],     at end insert 'or that he believed that disclosure was in the public interest'.


Mr Secretary Clarke


Page     26,     line     34     [Clause     31],     leave out 'and the requisite knowledge'.


Mr Secretary Clarke


Page     26,     line     38     [Clause     31],     leave out from 'modification' to end of line 41.


Mr Secretary Clarke


Page     27,     line     10     [Clause     31],      leave out 'is' and insert 'may be'.


Mr Secretary Clarke


Page     27,     line     12     [Clause     31],     at end insert—

    '( )   In proceedings against a person for an offence under this section in respect of conduct causing a modification of information recorded in the Register it is to be a defence for that person to show that, at the time of the conduct, he believed, on reasonable grounds—

      (a) that he was a person entitled to determine if that modification might be made; or

      (b) that consent to the modification had been given by a person so entitled.'.


That the following provisions shall apply to the Identity Cards Bill:


    1.   The Bill shall be committed to a Standing Committee.

Proceedings in Standing Committee

    2.   Proceedings in the Standing Committee shall (so far as not previously concluded) be brought to a conclusion on Thursday 27th January 2005.

    3.   The Standing Committee shall have leave to sit twice on the first day on which it meets.

Consideration and Third Reading

    4.   Proceedings on consideration shall (so far as not previously concluded) be brought to a conclusion one hour before the moment of interruption on the day on which those proceedings are commenced.

    5.   Proceedings on Third Reading shall (so far as not previously concluded) be brought to a conclusion at the moment of interruption on the day.

Programming Committee

    6.   Standing Order No. 83B (Programming committees) shall not apply to proceedings to a consideration and Third Reading.

Programming of proceedings

    7.   Any other proceedings on the Bill (including any proceedings on consideration of Lords Amendments or on any further messages from the Lords) may be programmed.



Mr Secretary Clarke
Mr Peter Hain
That the Order of 20th December 2004 (Identity Cards Bill (Programme)) be varied as follows:

For paragraph 4 substitute—

    4.   Proceedings on consideration shall be taken in the order shown in the first column of the following Table and shall be brought to a conclusion (so far as not previously concluded) at the times specified in the second column.

Time for conclusion of proceedings
New Clauses relating to the purposes and scope of registration and identity cards.2.45 p.m. on the day on which proceedings on consideration are commenced.
New Clauses relating to the National Identity Scheme Commissioner, Amendments relating to Clauses 24 and 253.45 p.m. on that day.
Remaining new Clauses, Amendments relating to Clauses 1 to 23, Amendments relating to Clause 26, Amendments relating to Clauses 33 to 45, new Schedules, Amendments relating to Schedules 1 and 24.30 p.m. on that day.
Amendments relating to Clauses 27 to 32 and any remaining proceedings on consideration5.00 p.m. on that day.

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Prepared 10 Feb 2005