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Mr Secretary Clarke

Agreed to      57

 Page  25,  line  11  [Clause  28],  at end insert 'or'.

Mr Secretary Clarke

Agreed to      58

 Page  25,  line  13  [Clause  28],  leave out from '(S.I. 1981/154 (N.I. 1))' to end of line 15.

Mr Secretary Clarke

Agreed to      59

 Page  25,  line  31  [Clause  29],  leave out second 'or'.

Mr Secretary Clarke

Agreed to      60

 Page  25,  line  32  [Clause  29],  at end insert '; or
( )  the carrying out of the Commissioner's functions.'.

David Davis
Patrick Mercer
Mr Humfrey Malins
Mr Geoffrey Clifton-Brown

Not selected      41

 Page  25,  line  44  [Clause  29],  at end insert 'or that he believed that disclosure was in the public interest'.

Mr Secretary Clarke

Agreed to      75

 Page  26,  line  34  [Clause  31],  leave out 'and the requisite knowledge'.

Mr Secretary Clarke

Agreed to      76

 Page  26,  line  38  [Clause  31],  leave out from 'modification' to end of line 41.

Mr Secretary Clarke

Agreed to      77

 Page  27,  line  10  [Clause  31],   leave out 'is' and insert 'may be'.

Mr Secretary Clarke

Agreed to      78

 Page  27,  line  12  [Clause  31],  at end insert—
'(   ) In proceedings against a person for an offence under this section in respect of conduct causing a modification of information recorded in the Register it is to be a defence for that person to show that, at the time of the conduct, he believed, on reasonable grounds—
(a)  that he was a person entitled to determine if that modification might be made; or
(b)  that consent to the modification had been given by a person so entitled.'.
 Bill read the third time on division, and passed

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